Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Let me say the truth - 2017 so far has been the worst year in my entire life!! But still i am very sure it is only 3 months and i have a good 9 more months to make it rock and not be in rock bottom Here i go to make a list of things that i a grateful for !! that My 1st very own laptop -yeah husband gifted me this laptop and i am very happy that i have my own laptop now! Finally got to see GOA!! yeah - visited GOA the dream destination for a beach lover Got to catch up with my sister for chit chats after ages! Visited Agra, Tajmahal -Finally,one wonder of the world i have seen now!! And i am sure the list will get bigger , till then will stay grateful for the little things that make me happy! Here is to a great 2017- Bring it on 2017! Challenge me more -I am waiting!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fit in or be unique?

I have had this experience in most places i go , with many people i interact to the numerous discussions that we have on different number of wasup group these days -I e I don't fit in to the majority of the opinions. I somehow always feel the opposite of what is the trend . I have had many such arguments , discussions and some have even ended in a sour taste. Earlier , it used to bother me as to why i am not thinking like the majority as they say " majority wins" . But when you follow you heart and truly believe in something, it does not matter whether you win but it matters how well you played -is it nt? Then i came across many such like minded friends with whom i discuss this and that is when one of them commented - Viji, why fit in -when you were born to stand out? wow -what a different take that was from what i have been thinking! Really that remark has boosted my confidence and fighting spirit more ! Yes i may not think like the majority but i am happy i am unique and can proudly speak my mind and stick to my beliefs even if there are not too many followers for it!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal

Sometimes the behavior of certain sect of people are so complex that you stop trying to understand them! There are some who have affinity more to people who practice their religion and for some they prefer to keep friends from the same strata in society.Some are too inquisitive to see what happens in others lives more than themselves and some more influenced by others than their own. And there are some who follow and copy everything that you do but in the outside they pose as if they are not concerned of your choices And some judge without understanding the soul but seeing the face. And there are some who are not bothered about others a bit but more to themselves . And there are those who want to make this world a better place. Now which one are you?

Friday, April 22, 2016

The differences - Why it disturbs me ?

I walk across a shopping mall and i see the audis and mercedes zoom fast the roads , opposite lie there many homeless folks sleeping on the road . I wonder how they manage their life everyday living like this? No home to go - Imagine being homeless , no food -no proper clothes!! I take my son out for a treat and there comes 2 boys one much younger to him and one a little older to him , Without wearing proper foot wear, walking bare foot in this chennai heat -they are selling us stickers and coloring books and all we can buy i some of it to help them - I decided to invite them for the lunch treat with us and stopped the restaurant guys from shooing them away saying they have come with us . But again after that meal -they are back to the street in the same hot sun to sell the books left behind My maid walks in often with some marks of her domestic abuse , how much ever i help her -She has to depend on this man to live the rest of her life - i keep thinking to myself -how is it possible for her to live her life everyday with a man who makes her unhappy Again - This is the daily life and the circle continues -but it is bothering me every time i encounter this situation Is it me -am i too weak to turn a blind eye to all these differences that is happening in our society ? Or is it all of us who all ignore such incidents and forget about it the next day ? Why does these differences affect me so much - I dont know!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I love you no less my son!

Dear Vidhaath -I did not spend all my time gazing at your peaceful baby face as i did for your brother, I did not click every move of yours and record every milestone of yours, I did not write a poem for you, I did not create an email id for you, I did not register a website for you, I did not blog about you still !! I did not take you for pram walks everyday, I did not maintain a food dairy , I did not rave a lot about your cuteness to my friends, I did not even take you on a proper holiday. But i did not love you any less baby!!! You are loved as much as i can love anyone!!! Love you Vidhaath

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My first blog of this year!!

I can't belive that i have not blogged in this brand new year . 2014 has been a very challenging yet enjoyable year Starting with saying a bye to my work place -temporarily though to spending a lot of time with Vihaan in February to suddenly not being able to focus on him with the arrival of Vidhaath -My youngest son -March was tiring indeed. Just when i thought being back with Vihaan is going to make things alright - I had the toughest time in accepting his frustations of his unexplainagble feelings If only i could read his mind -As a mother , my heart broke to see him sad for a few days - What all they go through so much insecurities in sharing the love with another person . No wonder they termed it "Sibling Jealousy/Rivalry " It is not easy on a mother as inspite trying to focus all her energy on an older child -she still needs to take care of the baby who needs her most of the times -And sometimes i feel i am hardly around for the baby just to make the older one feel very secure Tough times indeed -Wishing i could clone myself and keep switching between both the boys And hoping the day will soon arrive when i can comfortably play with both of them together without any worries

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Navratri 2013

Navratri comes with its own charm of golu,kutcheris,temple visits and what not!! One of those times where i dont miss visiting the temple I was delighted to see the Amman in various forms for all the 9 days and it becomes like a countdown for me to guess and wait to see what will be her form that day and trying to learn what forms those avatarams meant too And interesting part are the golu visits where everyone tries to portray their favorite stories through their golu I did learn a little about parts of ramanyana and wonder why no one chooses mahabaratam storied in golu displays Taking Vihaan to the Anantha padmanabasamy temple was like a ritual in itself and bonus was when one trip his friend Kimaya joined in And it was lovely to have some of my friends home for vathilai paaku custom Navratri makes me feel like a traditional complete woman in this modern world where you dont often feel that way Hope i enjoy the navratris to come and look forward to my very own Golu Navratri:-)